Athena Gaming Net Worth 2020 : Who is Athena, Game Sensitivity, YouTube Channel and Every Information You Must Know

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As we all know Athena Gaming is popular, he is popular for PUBG Gaming. He is PUBG Mobile Content creator. In this article we will article all the information related to Athena gaming. How much he earns daily, weekly, monthly and yearly i.e. Athena net worth. In this article we will cover all the information regarding his lifestyle, his social media life, what is his PUBG Mobile Game ID, gameplay, KD Ratio, net revenue, about his YouTube Channel and many more information related to Athena. So lets with about Athena.

About Athena (Serioton):

About Athena

Real Name Lee Hyeong Seob
Date of Birth 29 – August
Nationality Korean
YouTube Channel Name Athena Gaming
Subscribers 2M +
PUBG ID 694984807
Instagram @Serioton

PUBG Mobile is one the most played game in the world and is getting more and more famous day by day. People are getting habitual of this game, playing the game full day. Since it is rapidly growing throughout the world, so it is giving a chance to content creator to famous himself using this widely growing game PUBG. PUBG has given many creator a chance to famous himself around the world and one them is Athena Gaming (Lee Hyeong Seob).

Athena net worth

Athena Gaming is a YouTube Channel owned by Serioton(Lee Hyeong Seob). He is one of the famous content creator of PUBG Mobile. He is an iPad PUBG player uses and one of the most entertaining PUBG Mobile creator. His popularity is getting day by day, people is searching about the Athena, his month earning or yearly net revenue but not getting a suitable from anyone. Don’t worry here I will all the verified details of Athena’s net worth, how and why he is become so popular in a very short time etc., all your answers will be given in this article. So keep on reading till end and I promise you that you will get all the information regarding Athena i.e. from his lifestyle to his net revenue all A to Z details here only in this article. You don’t have to visit another website related after reading this article.

Journey of Athena Gaming :

Athena Gaming YouTube channel started by a Korean player name as Lee Hyeong SeobAs before success you have to struggle a lot and also you must have a talent that make you different from others. So after a lot of struggle and hard work he slowly slowly started growing. After a sometimes a famous India YouTuber MorTal asked him for the collaboration. So it was the time when people started knowing him. After that collaboration he gained a lot of love and subscribers from India and he is now one of the famous PUBG Mobile Content Creator.

Since he is having skills and high IQ people started loving him. They started following him to improve their skills. Apart from the skills he is good entertainer also, I do also watch his videos and during his gameplay he entertained the viewers a lot. So thats the reason why people showing love to his channel..

When a man become successful everyone started following him, everyone want to know about the success story of that man. How he struggle ? How much efforts does he make to become successful? What efforts does he make? How much does he earn after becoming successful? What is the net revenue of him? etc. These questions arises but don’t worry in this article I will give all the answer. So this was the short journey of Athena Gaming YouTube Channel.

Athena’s Net Worth :

So below we are going to reveal the net revenue of Athena. I will reveal daily, weekly, monthly and yearly revenue of Athena gaming in the below article. So let just start :-

Daily and Monthly Revenue of Athena Gaming in 2020 :

If I talk about the daily net revenue of Athena gaming then he earns min. $50 and max. $1k+(approx) according to the weekly report of his youtube channel’s net revenue. So if we estimate weekly earning of Athena Gaming from the daily report then from min. $400 to max. $7k+ (approx). This was the net worth of Athena of previous month i.e. Oct 2020

athena net worth

According to the report from above photo, we can estimate Monthly net worth of Athena Gaming. He is earning Min $2K and Max. 28k (approx) monthly. So it is a good estimate of monthly revenue for anyone.

Net Worth of Athena Gaming in a Year (2020)

We can only estimate the Net worth of Athena because not everyone reveal theirs earning. So according the estimation me made report on his net revenue. He may be earning more but our estimation is not that bad. We estimate approx earning, it might be slightly different but not fully.

athena net worth

Athena gaming net revenue may be slightly different but not fully different. Athena gaming earns min. $21k and max. $336k (approx) yearly or in a year. So we estimate Athena’s net revenue $21k to $336k (approx).

PUBG Mobile ID and his Stats :

If you want to know the PUBG Mobile ID of Athena Gaming then here it is 694984807. By using his PUBG Mobile ID you can search about him in the PUBG and can have live statistics of his ID.

Statistics of Athena Gaming :

If we talk about the statistics of Athena Gaming’s PUBG ID then he played 387 Matches in the last season of Asia server in which he secure kills of 2496 with K/D Ratio of 6.45. There 633 headshots and 55 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. The reason of less win ration might be he play solo vs squad match. So getting chicken dinner in solo vs squad is a difficult task.

stats of Athena gaming

He also played 93 matches on KRJP server in the last season in which he secured 707 Kill with the K/D ratio of 7.60. There were 40 Win and 71 Top 10, also having 148 headshots with having most kills 18. So he is good PUBG Mobile Content creator and his net revenue give everyone motivation that hard work never fails.

stats of athena gaming KRJP server

Athena Gaming’s PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings :

Athena gaming uses Ipad Pro 10.5 for the gameplay of PUBG Mobile. He is non gyro player, he don’t use gyroscope. Below are the sensitivity setting of Athena Gaming :

Camera Sensitivity Setting :

  • Third Person No Scope : 100
  • First Person No Scope : 88
  • Red Dot, Holographic Sensitivity : 53
  • 2x : 44
  • 3x : 18
  • 4x, VSS : 10
  • 6x : 7
  • 8x : 5

ADS Sensitivity Setting :

  • Third Person No Scope : 100
  • First Person No Scope : 88
  • Red Dot, Holographic Sensitivity : 53
  • 2x : 44
  • 3x : 18
  • 4x, VSS : 13
  • 6x : 10
  • 8x : 8

Gyroscope Sensitivity Setting

Athena Gaming didn’t use gyroscope. So there is no sensitivity setting regarding gyroscope of Athena Gaming.

YouTube Channel of Athena Gaming:

Athena Gaming started content creator on YouTube 6 years ago, he make videos on various games like modern combat 5, Critical Ops and many other games but upon the releasing of PUBG Mobile he switched to PUBG Mobile content and this changes his life and his channel started growing day by day. Now he is having 2M+ Subscribers on his YouTube channel. You can visit his YouTube Channel by clicking here

Social Media Accounts Athena Gaming :

social media of athena

He is on twitter and also on Instagram with the name Serioton where he shares his day to day life and also his short videos of gameplay. if you want to visit his social media then you can visit by going to below link provided.

Visit Instagram account of Athena Gaming by clicking here

Visit Twitter account of Athena Gaming by Click here

Athena Gaming’s Sources of Income :

So what are the sources of income of Athena Gaming ? Does Athena’s Net worth only dependent on YouTube ? So let just find out the answers of all the question related to his income.

net revenue on youtube

Other than Youtube channel, there are many more sources from where his net worth or net revenue dependent on. He promoted products of various brands. There are many more sources which are yet to be revealed by revealers. He do not reveal any thing about his net revenue. But revealers do reveals them, so other sources are yet to be revealed. We will soon update his sources net income after if we got any updates.

Is Athena gaming the best PUBG Mobile Player ?

My answer is no, he is not the best PUBG Mobile player. There are many other players who are far better than Athena but still he is good and entertaining content creator. He never fails to entertain his audience through his skills.

The reasons behind why he is not best PUBG Mobile Player are :

  • First reason he plays on iPad which is always advantageous for him to get more space for recoil control, good camera and many more advantages.
  • He doesn’t play any competitive matches, true skills revealed only in competitive matches. Although he play very good but player’s skill only shown in competitive matches.

You might have different reasons or you might have different because everyone have different different opinions. It was just my opinion, tell me your opinion in the comment box.

Conclusion :

So this was article about Athena Gaming, I have described each and everything in detailed. From his journey to his Net worth I have described everything. I tried my best to provide all the details about Athena Gaming. Athena’s net worth varies from $21k to $335 (approx) in a year. If you have read the full article then you must having all the knowledge regarding Athena Gaming, but still if I missed anything then you can comment.

Thank You for Reading my Article 🙂

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