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Net Worth Of  SSSniperWolf (Earning) In 2020.

Biography & Net worth of SSSniperwolf

    Real Name: Alia Shelesh
Birthday     : October 22, 1992

Age          : 28 Years Old   Place of Birth: England,United Kindom

Height       : 5ft 4in(163cm)

Occupation   : Youtuber, Gamer, Social
               media Personality
Year's Active: 2013-present 

Net Worth    : US $6 Million 


Introduction & Net Worth of SSSniperwolf :-

SSSniperwolf is also known by name Lia Wolf, is an American YouTuber Networth of SSSniperwolf is $6 Milion. SSSniperWolf has 20 million subscribers on her youtube channel and has got over 6 billion hits from January 2013. With over 20 million subscribers, she partnership with such companies like  Activision, EA Ubisoft and Disney. SSSniperwolf is one the most popular Youtube star and social media celebrity her videos get more than 7 billion views per video. She shown to the public that the girls can also play and perform well in video games and tournaments too.and she don’t play any tournament of video games yet but she said in her video that she will take part in it in the future and perform well in comparison to boys and earns her net worth through Youtube and from other social media apps too. SSSniperwolf born in England but later moved to the united states.

Contents :-

she started gaming, vlogging, QnA videos, Omegle and much more content at a very young age on her Youtube channel and played games on her channel such as far cry, call of duty, Destiny, Overwatch etc from her setup and has two pet dogs named Kaz and tuna whom she identified in her videos.

Early Life of SSSniperwolf:-

When she was in school, one day she brought some stickers of action and her friends and kids from another class saw them. So she sells that stickers to her friends and kids from there she got the first idea of business. She completed her school and went to the college to do any nursing course and pharmacy there her first job was folding the cloths and the 2nd idea of her business to buy the clothes in cheap and sell them in profit. She dropped out the college when she got successful from her youtube channel and going to famous that’s how the Networth of SSSniperwolf is 6$ million.

Daily life

Assets of SSSniperwolf Per day :-

SSSniperwolf generates approx $30,000 per day of her Networth from her video views and ads youtube has his premium section viewers pay for that to watch that paid content or premium content. So from there the YouTubers also earn money and she is very good and pure content creator girl. The people like and watch her different type of content for that she gets her Net worth from youtube. The cost of an additional paid by the advertiser that 0.01$ of per view and youtube monetize that how many ads are in your video. And how many viewers skipped the add they select the monetized views range and after much more process the youtube give the net worth of SSSniperwolf is $6 million.

Profession (career):-

Let me tell about her occupation (profession)  Lia has one profession in playing games and her family also supports her. Her dad brought Sony play station for her, she started playing games in her first Sony play station. And plays many action games in it such as stealth, vagrant story, Suikoden 2. After a young age, she decided to make a youtube channel so she created it. Demand Sony play station 2 from her dad and he gave it to her and she started playing games and stream them youtube. She also worked for the lifestyle brand Hollister Lia also has a second channel named ‘Little Lia’. In which she makes videos about clothes and daily products and other random topic videos to entertain us. Lia has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in 2017 she also hosted the comedy series titled ‘Ready to Kill’ she also terms topmost influencers in gaming by the celebration in 2017.

Gaming PC Setup:-

  • CPU   :  AMD Ryzen 93900x
  • GPU   :  EVGA Geforce RTX 2080    8gb XC Ultra Gaming
  • RAM  :  Trident Z Neo 32GB DDR4- 3600
  • Storage : 1 x Samsung 860 Evo 250GB 2.5 SSD 
  • Mother board : Asus ROG Crosshair Vll Hero ATX AM4
  • Monitor : 2x LG 27UD58-B 27.0 3840×2160  60 Hz 
  • Case Fan :  4x Fractal Design GP14-WT 68.4 CFM 140 mm 
  • Head Phones : Astro A50 +Base Station XB1  7.1 Channel Headphones 
  • Windows : Microsoft Windows 10 pro-OEM64- bit 

With setup  Particular (private):-

Let’s talk about her personal information SSSniperwolf is approx 5ft 4in tall she belongs from turkey but currently, she is living in phoenix. Her source of income is mainly from youtube and bits from the other social media activities. All from that, she made her Net worth of $6 million from which she completing her dreams and activities.

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