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About Pokimane:-

Pokimane is a moroccan canadian gamer streamer and content creator which is very popular in gaming community. Pokimane’s real name is Imane Anys. She is a professional streamer of twitch in which she plays ‘League of legends’ and ‘fortnite’ which are very popular among the audience. she also have youtube channels in which she uploads vlogs gaming content and also streams on youtube one of his channel have 3million subscribers. On tik tok also she is very popular and have a family of 3.7million which is also a part of pokimane’s net worth.


Pokimane started streaming on twitch in 2013 and after some time she became very popular among the audience and got the best streamer award in 2018 at the shorty awards.

Imane Anys was born in Morocco on 14 may 1996. She is 24 years old now. Later she shifted in canada and  started studying chemical engineering but later she dropped her studies to stream full time on twitch. Now she lives in Los Angeles, California.

Many of his fans wants to know about the Imane Anys here are the some information about the pokimane and his net worth also.


Born :- 14 may 1996 Morocco

Full name :- Imane Anys

Residence :- Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality :- Canadian, Morocco

Games :- Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, Minecraft

Occupation :- Twitch streamer, Youtuber

Followers :- 6.1 million

Total views :- 135 million


Pokimane’s streaming setup:-

• Monitor :- BenQ XL 2540

• Keyboard :- HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

• Mouse :- HyperX Pulsefire

• Headset :- Hyper Cloud Alpha

• Gaming chair :- Noble chairs epic

• Webcam :- Logitech HD pro C920

• Microphone :- Electro – Voice RE – 20

Pokimane has a very High quality PC setup which is very costly but the performance of her PC is unbelievable.

She uses Logitech HD pro C920 camera to improve her visual quality and uses Electro – Voice RE – 20 to improve audio quality of her stream.

Pokimane stream a lot of time and sits in a perticular place which is very difficult so she  uses a very comfortable chair for his stream which is noble chair’s epic chair

Pokimane is a professional streamer and gamer and to enhance his gameplay and quality of stream she  uses an intel ig 9900K prosessor, a MSI Z390 Gaming pro corbon motherboard a seasonic prime ultra 1000 w platium power supply and NVIDIA RTX 2080 graphics card.


Pokimane’s Fortnite settings

Pokimane is playing fortnite since last two years. She uses a perfect sensitivity for her gameplay.

Her fortnite sensitivity is :-

• X sensitivity :- 0.1

• Y sensitivity :- 0.1

• Scope sensitivity :- 1

• Mouse DPI :- 800

• Polling rate :- 1000Hz

Pokimane uses the standard keys crouch is at left side control. Pokimane uses Q, C , F , X , T and G to edit.

Pokimane playes fortnite  in full-screen mode .

Pokimane without makeup stream:-

Once pokimane come in front of the camera to stream his gameplay but when she came on screen his audience started writing hate comments she felt insult that day but the high profile streamers came forword to support and ask audience to stop hating him. She also posted some selfies without makeup later she tweeted “I am at peace with myself , my body & my imperfections, and i wish the same someday  for anyone who feel the need to hate on someone else for such shallow reasons.”


Is Pokimane single:-

Pokimane is currently single and does not want relationship she is waiting for the perfect boyfriend for her because she has a very busy life in streaming vlogging and all other activities so she want the boyfriend which is familiar with all his activities and accept her.

Pokimane’s Net Worth:-

Pokimane’s net worth is estimated between 2-3 million. the net worth is depend on both of the sources of her earnings which are twitch and YouTube channels and Imane Anys also gets the earnings form the donations and sponsorship.


Earnings of Pokimane:-

Imane anys gets the majority of his earning thorough the twitch on which she has 3.8 million subscribers. The other sources of her earnings are her three YouTube channels which also have more than 3m subscribers she also gets some of the revenue of the net worth from the donations and sponsorship. For streamers and gamers the sponsorship is the best source of earning. Pokimane currently deals with the HyperX and NZXT.

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