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Ben Herman Net Worth 2020 | Earnings, career, family and more,

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Ben Herman is a famous American social media star. You can know everything about Ben Harman in this article like Ben Harman Net Worth, career, youtube, family and everything you want to know about Ben Herman you can find here in this article.

He got fame from TikTok. His channel is named as itsbenherman. He make comedy videos and lipsyncs. He has more than 2 million of followers with more than 38 million likes.

Ben Herman net worth

Name- Ben Herman
Birthday- 10 August, 2020
Birth Place- Columbus, OH
Nationality- American
Occupation-Tik Tok Star
Age-18 Years old
Height-5’9” inches
Weight-60 kg
Zodiac Sign-Leo
Hair color- Dark brown
Eye color-Blue

Ben Herman Net Worth-

You can find Ben Herman Net Worth in the last of the article.


Ben Herman was born on 10 August in Columbus US. He is known as a Tik Tok star celebrity. He is also a Instagram model and social media influencer. In his videos he do lip syncs to famous songs and do model branded clothes. He is popular among all social media platforms. He created his TIk Tok channel ‘its ben herman’ in September 2018. By this time he has gained over 900,000 followers on his Tik Tok channel. He has grown up so much as a social media entertainer and became very popular. On Instagram also he has gained huge followers. That is largely thanks to him posting selfies, lifestyle & fashion updates, and modeling on-trend clothing.

Ben Herman is additionally active on YouTube where he usually posts fun challenges, reaction videos, and vlogs. ‘Best Clothing Haul Ever (H&M, Zoomies, Pacsun, Champs)’, ‘Ship Or Dip (Ft – Loren Gray, Baby Ariel And More)’, and therefore the ‘Reacting to Fans TikToks’ series are his hottest videos on YouTube. Additionally, he’s also scheduled to be a neighborhood of the ‘Boys of Summer’ tour. Herman’s ravishing charm and personality and self evident talent for entertaining, account for his massive popularity. He’s deeply committed to making content for social media and needs to diversify to more mainstream media also.

Ben Herman Net Worth


TikTok, one of the lip-syncing app has given many millennial teenagers the chance to entertain , spend their free time and earn on social media. Ben Herman was also one among those teenagers who had been attracted by the app. While , he joined the app to follow other TikTok stars, he himself started posting videos from September 2018. His youthful charm and good looks immediately attracted the attention of many users.

Some of his fans also came from his eponymous YouTube channel where he has been active since January 12, 2017. Herman initially started by posting vlogs and daily updates on YouTube, which attracted very few views. Unfortunately, he has never been able to become a top YouTuber.

First tiktok video-

However, Ben Herman’s rise on TikTok has been almost aside from the comparision . Since his first video which was posted on September 2018, during which he has gone on to realize quite 1.2 million fans and 18.8 million hearts. His lip-syncing videos with humorous facial expressions, while moving to the beats of the song have gained many views. His videos like “I Like Big Girls”, “Love Me Love Me” etc. are a number of his most watched content on TikTok.

He also uses the video clips to showcase his fashion choices and sometimes is seen wearing branded clothes. These have also helped him to become a youth fashion influencer and he got sponsorship from top brands due to his passion towards fashion. However, like most other TikTok stars, he has also come under severe criticism from singers and original artists. They object to TikTok stars using other artists’ songs to earn money and fame. But of course with facing all Ben Herman didn’t stop from gaining fans and followers. He continues to be one among the fastest rising TikTok stars in 2019.


Ben Herman admitted in a Q&A session on You Tube that being a social media influencer was his ultimate goal. He wants to stay growing and even diversify to more mainstream media. he’s undoubtedly working hard to form that dream come true. And appreciative fans are clearly gravitating towards his content as are often seen on Instagram also . during a matter of months, he has gained quite 123k followers. He uses Instagram to post fashion and lifestyle related images, his lifestyle updates, and selfies, which magnetize many views. He also models for brands on Instagram. Perhaps one among the most reasons for his recent popularity has been his change in ideology when it involves creating content on social media.

On May 8, 2019, Ben Herman posted a video on YouTube stating that he wanted his content to possess an impression on society. He wanted to try to to more challenges, more original content, for Instagram and YouTube which could positively impact his fans. This has been received well by his fans who are extremely supportive in their comments. As if this wasn’t enough, his popularity is additionally close to receive a huge boost in 2019. He’s also a part of the upcoming ‘Boys of Summer Tour’ which also features other major social media stars like Cody Orlove, Desiree Montoya etc. the longer term looks bright for the young influencer who is slowly discovering his own identity on social media.

Ben Herman Net Worth


He was born on 10 August , 2002 in Columbus , Ohio , USA. As he got fame it seems that his parents are very supportive in his career but their names are not shared on social media. He has one brother whose name is Nick.
To maintain privacy ,his private life has also not been shared.But as per the sources he has never been in a relationship.

Ben Herman Net Worth

Ben Herman Net Worth :- $94 million

Ben Herman Net Worth

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