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Today here we are to share some information about Kyle Kulinski. He is an Political Activist, YouTuber and political commentator in America. Kyle has many followers and he is mainly famous for his Talks. Which he uploads on his channel named Secular Talks. Many of his followers want to get the information about kyle Kulinski. So here we are to give some info about the Kyle Kulinski Net worth, Personal life and many more so lets start.

kyle Kulinski net worth

About Kyle Kulinski

Kyle Kulinski is an American based youtuber, Political Activist and political commentator. He also founded a foundation named Justice Democrates. It is a political foundation. Kyle has so much information about the politics so he used to share it to the other people. The main motive of kyle is to choose the perfect politician for better work and  development.


Full Name – Kyle Edward Kulinski

Nick Name – Kyle Kulinski

Birth date – 31 January 1998

Place of Birth – Westchester Country, New York

Age – about 32 years old

Gender – Male

Occupation – YouTuber, political commentator

Nationality – American

Early Life of Kayle Kulinski

We don’t have so much information about the previous life of kyle Kulinski. As per the sources we have some information about the kyle Kulinski early life. So lets see some info about him.

Kulinski Was born in Westchester city, New York on 31 January, 1998. His parents name is still unknown but his parents have Italian and polish ethnicity. He completed his basic studies in New Rochelle High school. When he was in his high school he got intrest into politics. So he took the admission in Lona college. From where he got graduated from Political science.

Secular talk


Kyle Started his career in his his school life itself. When he was in his high school he started a YouTube channel Secular Talk but at that time he does not gain the popularity. But after some time he gained popularity on his show. Now he has 924K subscribers on his youtube channel that’s a massive growth. Kyle is also a member of Justice Democrates political committee.

Kyle is the Co founder of the Justice Democrates committee but he resigned form the committee. He is more famous because of he believes on the staticks and data. He talk on the main topics of the politics and guide the people to choose the correct political party.

Kyle Kulinski Net Worth

Now here are some details about the net worth of kyle Kulinski. Kyle gains his net worth from many sources lets talk about his net worth

Kyle Kulinski Net worth 2019

The kyle Kulinski net worth in 2019 is about 50000 to 70000 US dollars. This is based on the Television show of kyle and his income from youtube channel.

Kyle Kulinski net worth 2020

The kyle Kulinski net worth 2020 is about 1 million to 1.25 million US dollars. This is based on his television show and his youtube channel.

kyle Kulinski Earnings

Kyle Kulinski Earnings

As we know kyle Kulinski is very famous media personality he earns Money from many ways. The main source of his earning is Youtube he has nearly one million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Apart from this he also host T.V. shows this is also a major source of his earnings. He also earns Money from Advertisement.

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Monthly income of kyle Kulinski

The monthly income of kyle Kulinski is about 10k to 20k US dollars. This depends on how much his videos and channel watched.

Kyle Kulinski relationship status

There is no information about his relationship status. Like all of the other media personalities kyle also do not share his private life in media. We will update soon as we get the information about kyle relationship status. So keep checking this page for further information.

Family Life

Like his relationship status his Family life is also not known yet. But from some sources we come to know that kyle grown up with his sister and brother in his hometown itself. The name of Kyle’s Father and mother is still unknown. His father dies from the lung cancer when kyle was young.

Body Measurement of Kyle Kulinski

His full body measurement is not known yet we will update soon as we get the information about kyle’s body measurement. He is 5.8 feet tall his eyes and hairs colour is black. Kyle’s weight is about 66 kg

Height – 5.8 feet

Weight – 66 kg

Hair colour – Black

Eye Colour – Black

Shoe Size – Not known

Kyle Kulinski

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Kyle Kulinski is an Political activist of America. He is very famous for his youtube show Secular Talk. Apart from youtube he also works on T.V. and radio shows. Kyle is also co founder of political committee named Justice Democrates. Kyle Kulinski net worth is about 1 million to 1.25 million US dollars.







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