Ice poseidon net worth

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(Ice poseidon net worth )Paul Horan (born September 29, 1994) personality who is deeply American streamer live and they are known by the online pseudonym ice Poseidon, especially in Rune Scape video games and IRL reported. It peaked in 2017 with its popular IRL streams. It is best known for its IRL streams, and as Virgil says, which is “life, after pouring out”. Rolling Stone Horan is named after “the pioneer in the streamer of life”. several years of streaming on YouTube Horan Mixer Seat to watch the ongoing closed July.


personal information:-

Born Paul Denino
September 29, 1994 (age 26)

Palm beach, Florida, U.S.
Occupation Streamer

Ice poseidon networth

Ice poseidon:-  Height, weight, hair…

Ethnicity White
Height 6 feet 2 inches 185 cm 1.85 meters
Weight 67 kilograms 143 lbs
Hair Color Brown


Youtube information & Ice poseidon net worth :-

Also known as Ice_Poseidon
Years active 2015–present
IRL, comedy,gaming
Subscribers 748,000
Total views 83,523,202

Ice poseidon networth

Ice poseidon net worth:-

What is the net worth of ice Poseidon?

USD 200 thousand, and their departure is taken, title, earned the result will be that the living Denina stringer strives to constantly go out of the controversies which for the most part is the 2021.


Ice poseidon Career:-

Youtube Career 

when the spring 2017 Twitch banned the YouTube Horan took another especially their fans (what “blue army ‘) with it, making the shortage streamers.

Some of the writings of the Scriptures is not controversial as one of the Denina fan base out of the public is a ‘toxic. Performing his duty, that he was of the emperor’s frequent use of their racist; and no matter how great, and the harassment. The city to city, but Discord large and widely around its own subreddit  Ice_Poseidon gives a pink whose first “closed”, then in October banned 2019 along with her sister Subreddit city  Ice_Poseidon2. Horan admits impossible almost to conceal nothing is “purple Army”.

More from Youtube

To live in the world, is one of the most popular and common of the rivers, Denina quickly focusing on the kind of the remodeling of the IRL their own counsel, especially in the Navigating using a mobile rig. With rivers; they are known, depending on the moisture of speaking in public, that he can decide the case by means of the correspondence of the place-to-be called a movement met with when they are: The river is your sniping. Denina the open country and brought him to his own life for many almost the disclosure of the affair of the idle. spectators before the supply of the owners of a vain they call it a complaint about the threats. In order to incite them to the punishment of that call, or fear from danger, Denina is the use of violence. Horan said.

Through Horan’s a trip to the Europe, after a visit Zurich, Switzerland, and of these, many of which we featured in this hundred miles had been for the sake of the magazine tabloid hotels, harassment, and the laws of their country, and they were forgotten a lot.

To come to light had already shaken off the effects of a sudden, who had come to swat at prohibits a convening posting.

On the morning of March 21, 2019, troop Horan the FBI’s Los Angeles residence in the electronics. Horan seized everything in his house, then caught occupants. Cx Network in March 2019.

Ice poseidon twitch

Twitch career

Horan stringer partner of the CARP. He came to prominence under the pseudonym their RuneScape streams in 2015 while playing “Ice Poseidon”. It has been created using its generating at random, since he was twelve years old. He moved to the IRL streaming, flushing essentially starting to play Pokemon Go. It is often said the banned Twitch. 2016 late in December, told lorem Twitch of the IRL division, which allow flow to Horan being involved in the game for the first time.

Forbidden in lorem Horan department’s phone number on the day of opening the stream. the third step will incur from which 45 this day, to a ban. the ban, they decided to move to California to pursue Twitch Denina of his life is full of. this principle is frequently a journey IRL with regard to the region of the flow, not nearly as many among the thirty, at the same time the spectators were.

Banned from twitch

Twitch has been banned Horan, April 28, 2017, after American Airlines flight was swatted out of 458 in Phoenix, where go on another and officials Horan. In case the message across the US national incident Horan know that the audience will be called in a bomb threat. For while they look to each other for the first time did not exist before him, still to the river, he was swatted Twitch would be forever suspended.

The ice will move Poseidon Twitch sparked some controversy concerning its believed that the ban is unjust, each Horan. demanded that the terms of saying: “When you look at [the office], the rules might leak site.”


Relationship(girlfriend or married):-

Is Ice poseidon have a girlfriend or married ?

Ice Poseidon got married to Carolina Burt, however the two got divorced soon after their marriage.

Ice poseidon with wife

Esports Ice poseidon net worth:-

Since September 2016 Horan are affiliated with Electronic Sports NRG Esports organization in Rune Scape content as part of their roster and creator. The sponsorship by Brent Kaskel management services provided by NRG team. In June 2019, Horan was told that they do not need, after Kaskel allegations of sexual abuse made against Kaskel. Horan earned $ 60,000 US dollars per month from various sponsorships.


Awards & Nominations :-

Year Award Show Category Result
2016 Golden Gnome Awards Best OSRS streamer Nominated
2017 Esports Industry Awards Streamer of the year Nominated


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