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Eric Weinstein Net Worth ( Personal Life, Career, Early Life and more)

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Eric Weinstein Net Worth 

Eric Weinstein

Overview :-

Eric Weinstein (born October 26, 1965) is an American cultural commentator. He is the managing director of Thiel Capital. You can know everything about Eric Weinstein in this article like Eric Weinstein Net Worth, age, career, early life and education. 

Eric Weinstein Net worth

Name- Eric Weinstein
Birthday- 26 October, 1965
Birth Place- Los Angeles, California ,U.S
Nationality- American
Gender – Male
Citizenship- The United states
Occupation- Managing director of Thiel capital , Economist and Mathematician
Age-55 Years old
Height- Centimeters: 175 cm .Meters: 1.75m. Feet and Inches: 5.9
Weight-Kilogram: 70 kg. Pounds: 154 Ibs.
Zodiac sign – Libra
Hair color -Black
Eye color – Black
Sexuality – Straight
Religion – Jewish
Siblings – Bret Weinstein (Brother)


Eric Weinstein was born on October 1965. He is an American Mathematician , Economist and Managing Director of Thiel Capital from Los Angeles,Unites States. He helded his position as a managing director in 2015.

Although he is an academic mathematician or physicist he discussed the theories relates to Maths, Science and Economics. In 2013 he proposed a unified theory of physics which have shown to have oversights and technical issues. In 2013 the INET(Institute of Economics Thinking) funded a program of Eric named Geometric Marginalism. He also researched on the dual Yang-Mills Equations. It is totally based on that Donaldson theory was not unique.

Then he acknowledged the judgment of four different levels of equation due to higher dimensions. Eric also allocated a brief lecture on the Geometric Unity in May 2013. Meanwhile.Marcus du sautoy discussed the probable answers for the different mathematical problems.
Some physicists attended the original lecture. On the other hand, There was no paper reprinted after that. Within one week, TV the same seminar organized and many people attended it too. In fact, Eric disclosed a theory linked to the dark particles in the university of Oxford.

He indicated about the existence of the Large Hadron Collider particles. With his brother Bret Weinstein, he founded the term Intellectual Dark Web to refer to an informal group of pundits and public intellectuals.

earnings of Eric Weinstein


Eric Weinstein was born on 26 October 1965 in United States, California. He is 55 years old. He was raised by his Jewish parents. Eric has one brother named Bret Weinstein. He is also a Biologist. From the University of Pennsylvania he completed his studies.

Then Eric taken admission in Harvard University in 1992 and there he completed his M.S, B.S and Ph.D. degree in physics and mathematics.
He also got the fellowship of Fellowship of Lady Davis at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusale. Later on he was awarded with another scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the mathematics department.

Eric Weinstein Net Worth

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Eric Weinstein is a famous economist and mathematician. He lest academia after periods at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2013 he announced a theory of physics. In May 2013 Weinstein described the theory at a colloquium, Geometric Unity when he was invited by a mathematician Marcus du Sautoy at the Oxfords Universitys laboratory Claredon.

Some of the physicists attended the lecture, but due to errors of announcement in some of the parts Weinstein repeated the lecture in that month. Most physicists misbelieved the theory. Jennifer Ouellette a science writer criticized them in a blog for Scientific American proclaiming that as there was no published paper experts could not properly appraise Weinstein’s ideas. On 2 April, 2020,Weinstein posted a video on You Tube which describes his Geometric Unity theory.

Intellectual dark web-

Weinstein coined the term “Intellectual Dark Web” when Then Evergreen College fired his brother Bret Weinstein, in reply to a campus disagreement. The term is used to narrate a number of academics and podcast presenter.


Weinstein inaururated a podcast called “The Portal” in June 2019. The title mentions the fictional episodes such as the rabbit hole in Alice’s Wonderland , the tollbooth in The Phantom Tollbooth, Three Quarters and Platform Nine in Harry Potter.

Eric Weinstein Personal Life –

Eric Weinstein got married to Pia Malaney who is also a Economist .She is the Economist from San Francisco ,California. She also helped her husband Eric in his geometric marginalism project.
His wife’s full birth name is Pia N.Malaney. They also had a son who’s name is Zev Weinstein.

Eric Weinstein Net revenue

Eric Weinstein Net Worth

Eric Weinstein Net worth is around $ 1 Million US Dollars.


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