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Richest Musicians in Tanzania –

The 10 richest musicians in Tanzania They say that music is universal and food for the soul. It is especially true for the East African country of Tanzania. Bongo music is presented as an iconic contemporary music among Tanzanians and currently enjoys a lot of airplay on the airwaves. Unlike other East African countries that rock along with rap and RnB music, Tanzania has carved a niche for itself in the market to establish itself and stand out as the home of the bongo. It is true that the music of Tanzania has transformed from its contemporary African melodies to a style encompassing Arabic melodies known as Taarab. Currently, Tanzanians have become more receptive to a form that incorporates all the different melodies with a dash of hip-hop and different rhythms, leading to the evolution of what we now know as bongo. Bongo artists currently enjoy a lot of airplay and are positioned as some of the richest lots when it comes to music. Their fire cannot be tamed as they now collaborate with other African artists such as Davido, BurnaBoy and, on the international stage, Rick Ross and R Kelly. But who are these artists? We are going to shed some light on some of the richest musicians in Tanzania. Diamond Platinumz Although his music has many controversies, he stands out as the richest among Tanzania’s crop of musicians, beginning his music career in 2009. His journey has been a tumultuous one and he is arguably a familiar sensation. He has an insatiable appetite for the finer things in life and owns some high-end vehicles and multiple luxurious homes. Currently, he enjoys all the money trappings of his successful music career, studio and endorsement deals. Harmonize Born in 1991, Rajabu Abdul Kahali is a singer, songwriter and dancer who goes by the stage name Harmonize. He was one of the critical members of Wasafi Classic Baby or better known as Wasafi Records, founded by Diamond. His short-lived relationship ended with Harmonize leaving and forming their record label, Konde Music Worldwide. His songs such as “kwangwaru” and “show me” currently enjoy massive airplay in both the Tanzanian and African media space. He is said to be among the richest musicians in Tanzania and recently revealed that he had to part with $220,000 to get out of his contract with Wasafi Records. Ali Kiba started his music career in 2000. Though his popularity plummeted, he came back stronger, releasing hit after hit that boosted his profile and breadth. He continues to conquer the world of music although people have a funny way of showing it. Whenever he enters a club, people often bow down to him not because he is the king but because of their conquest of him in the field of music. The wealth of him is immensely staggering and is currently estimated to be worth $4 million. His wealth emanates from the many shows he performs weekly with a single club performance earning him no less than $3000. He owns a posh home in the heart of Dar es Salaam with several high-end vehicles and large tracts of land. Professor Jay Known as Joseph Haule, he presents himself as one of the most experienced and wealthy musicians in Tanzania. He began his musical journey in the 90’s and was a member of the Hard Blasters Band. He has performed both in and out of Africa and has shined in his own right. He doesn’t seem like the rich type since he’s not a braggart. However, his huge investment in his properties places him among the richest in the Tanzanian media scene. Currently, he is actively involved in politics and is a member of parliament. Lady Jay Dee With her stage name as she highlighted above, she is one of the pioneer artists who started her journey in 1991. Her fans love and respect her equally as she releases good songs and quality regularly. She owns a gang known as Machozi, a fleet of luxury cars, and a palatial home. Estimates of her say that she pockets $2000 for every concert she performs. AY Under the stage name AY, Ambwene Yesaya started with the East Coast Band in 2000. She continued with her own songs, recording with her childhood friend, Mwana FA, after her death. band. He is the owner of Unity Entertainment Company and spearheads its function. He also has a clothing line and is popular outside of his country. He gets paid handsomely for the international concerts he performs due to demand. Plus, he owns a fleet of fancy cars and wouldn’t mind spending a few thousand to satisfy his cravings. He also has other investments associated with his rich status. Juma Nature He introduces himself as the oldest and richest musician in Tanzania. Despite fierce competition from modern musicians like Diamond and Harmonize, he remains relevant and still churns out exciting songs. He was a member of the group TMK and went on to form the group “Wanaume Halisi” after TMK disbanded. He has invested his fortune in real estate and vast parcels of land. Venessa Mdee One can hardly refer to the female musicians of Tanzania without her name appearing. She was a former MTV VJ and had been experiencing unprecedented success since her foray into the Tanzanian music industry. She is quite famous, with the popular music of her “No one but me” surpassing the YouTube million threshold. The shows of her and musical exploits of her, along with the other performances of her, make her one of the richest musicians in Tanzania. Dully Sykes is famous for her dancehall music genre and has several awards to her credit. Her songs are equal parts popular and controversial, but this hasn’t stopped her from performing on the international stage. She introduces herself as one of the richest artists and owns her record label. Rayvanny is one of the youngest and richest musicians in Tanzania today with an estimated net worth of around $100,000-$1 million. At 26, he is a successful world music singer who broke through with his song “Kwetu”. MTV Base named him one to watch in 2017 and he has seen massive growth in the Tanzanian music space. These are just a few of the few rich and successful artists in the Tanzanian space. However, the list may change based on current market knowledge as the music industry is quite volatile. Follow us and like:

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