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Richest People in Zimbabwe –

Top 5 Richest People in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is a beautiful landlocked country in South Africa. It boasts of incredible national parks, wildlife, natural environment, and excellent scenery among other exciting features. Its capital, Harare, is the largest in the country and also the most populous. There are 16 formal languages ​​spoken in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is one of the nations in Africa that has experienced the worst financial and political crisis. Still, it has grown into a lucrative mining sector that boasts the world’s largest platinum reserves and largest diamond-producing field. Zimbabwe is rich in natural resources and has produced some of the richest people listed in the Forbes report. Here are the 5 richest people in Zimbabwe and everything you need to know about them. Strive Masiyiwa Strive Masiyiwa tops the list of the richest people in Zimbabwe. Born January 29, 1961, he is a London-based businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker. Strive is the founder of Econet Wireless, an international telecommunications company that operates in more than 20 countries. Worth an estimated $2.2 billion, he has been celebrated globally for his exceptional contribution to humanitarian and charitable acts in the region. He is the founder of the Higher Life Foundation which supports vulnerable children. Through the foundation, he has offered more than 100,000 scholarships in Lesotho, Burundi and Zimbabwe. Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi Masiyiwa also support rural entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. Sources of Income: Entrepreneurship Business Leader John Arnold Bredenkamp Born on August 11, 1940, John Arnold Bredenkamp, ​​a former rugby player and businessman, is also one of the richest people in Zimbabwe. Orphaned in childhood, he worked hard and tirelessly to make ends meet. He joined a tobacco company after graduation and went on to establish the Casalee Group of Companies in Belgium and became a secondary director in the Netherlands. The leaf tobacco marketing group successfully engaged in trade and barter deals. John Arnold Bredenkamp, ​​popularly known as the Guardian, has an estimated net worth of $793 million. Sources of income: diamond mining Tobacco trade and sports marketing Nicholas Van Hoogstraten Born in 1949, in England, Nicholas Van Hoogstraten became the youngest British millionaire in Great Britain at the age of 28. He started selling stamps and personal collections at the age of 11. He later joined the merchant navy at the age of 17 for just one year, and soon after, he started a real estate business. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten emigrated to Zimbabwe, became a renowned businessman with various trades, including mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He owns more than 1,600 square miles of land. The treasure of him is more than $750 million. Income Sources: Stock Investments, Real Estate Development Equity Holdings Billy Rautenbach Born on September 23, 1959, Billy Rautenbach is a Zimbabwean tycoon, businessman, mega-rich tycoon and financier. In 2014, he made a whopping $75 million in just three weeks through government-sponsored deals. Also known as the muller, Billy Rautenbach first started a successful family business known as Wheels of Africa. He then went into the car styling business and gained market shares with Hyundai in South Africa. In 2006, he became involved with the Central African Mining and Exploration Company plc (CAMEC). He was listed on the London Stock Exchange and grew to acquire several successful mining operations. Rautenbach owns mining companies, transports minerals, and owns the Zimbabwe Bio-Energy Company. Income Sources: Mining Entrepreneur (transportation, car design, equity investment), Green Fuels Investments Mining Equity Investments and Other Businesses Zed Koudounaris Zed Koudounaris was born in Zimbabwe, attended Rhodes University in South Africa to earn a bachelor’s degree in trade. Popularly known as Zed, Koudounaris has become one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs in the country. He is co-founder of Innscor Africa Limited. Zed and Michael Fowler founded the company in 1997, a successful fast food brand. Zed also runs a number of companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, including Axia Holdings (Axia Corporation Limited), Padenga and Simbisa Brands. Simbisa Brands currently operates in 9 African countries with 413 Quick Service Restaurants. Innscor Africa Limited is the country’s largest conglomerate with significant interests in Profeeds, NatPak, Irvines, Pro Brands, Capri, National Foods and Colcom, among others. Income Source – With an estimated net worth of $. 1.1 billion, Zed’s source of income includes Agriculture Real estate development Tourism Entrepreneurship Follow us and like:

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