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Richest People in Kenya –

Top 10 Richest People in Kenya Wealth in Kenya is increasing and Kenya is forecast to have the largest increase in the number of billionaires in Africa over the next decade. At the moment, these are the richest in Kenya. 1. Daniel Moi and family The 95-year-old was the second president of Kenya from 1978 to 2002 after the death of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. His and his family’s wealth amounts to around three billion dollars, mainly through investments in various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, media, hospitality and insurance companies. The oil industry also contributes to the family’s wealth. In addition to large tracts of land in Kenya, the family also owns a variety of businesses. The largest of these is The Standard Group PLC, which is a multimedia company that includes the Standard newspaper, KTN TV, and various other outlets. Mombasa International Airport, the second largest city in Kenya, is named after him. 2. Manu Chandaria The 90-year-old Kenyan businessman and industrialist has a net worth of around $1.7 billion. He is the CEO and Chairman of Comcraft Kenya Ltd. Comcraft Group is responsible for manufacturing aluminum and steel products as well as plastic. Chandaria took over the company from his father, who founded it in 1915. Since then, it has expanded tremendously and now has operations in neighboring countries such as Tanzania and Ethiopia. Chandaria is also a philanthropist. He is of Indian descent and has received many awards, including the Order of the British Empire. 3. Mama Ngina Kenyatta The 85-year-old wife of Kenya’s first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, is worth approximately $1 billion. Her wealth is partly inherited, but she is also one of the largest landowners in Kenya, as well as having interests in a variety of industries, including tourism, education and dairy. The family’s dairy business has the largest share of these, having acquired several competitors and becoming one of the largest dairy companies in the country. 4. Bhimji Depar Shah The 88-year-old industrialist is founder and chairman of Bidco Africa, a family-owned company that manufactures and sells consumer goods in Kenya and throughout East Africa. While the company Shah founded in 1970 originally made garments, it switched to soap production in 1985 and then expanded into edible oils in 1991. Today, its products include oils, soaps, animal feed, beverages and many other products. food products in 40 brands. The company is also a large employer in the region with more than 25,000 employees in factories in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Through his endeavors, the businessman is now worth around $900 million. 5. Naushad Merali The 68-year-old businessman is the CEO of the Sameer Group. The Sameer Group is a conglomerate based in Nairobi and includes 15 companies operating in Kenyatta and the rest of Africa. His interests include manufacturing, agriculture, finance and transportation and have made the industrialist a fortune of around $600 million. Key companies that are part of the Sameer Group include Sasini Tea and Coffees, Savanna Coffee Lounge and Kenya Data Networks. Merali is also a shareholder in several businesses, such as Banco Comercial de Arica and the Airtel network, of which he owns 5%. 6. Uhuru Kenyatta At 57, the son of Kenya’s first president, who is the fourth and current president of Kenya, is worth around $500 million. He is the second youngest member on this list and owes his fortune to family interests in a variety of businesses. Like his mother, he has stakes in Brookside Dairy, as well as owning almost a quarter of the shares in the Commercial Bank of Africa and about 13% in NIC bank. 7. Chris Kirubi The 78-year-old investor and entrepreneur is worth around $400 million. This stems largely from his work with Centum Investments, of which he is a director and, with a nearly 29% stake, the largest shareholder. This investment company is based in Kenya, where it owns several companies, including publishing houses, banks, and beverage companies. Notably, Centum also owns Two Rivers Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in East and Central Africa and recently opened the tallest Ferris wheel on the continent. Kirubi also owns Capital FM and Taco Industries, which makes household items. 8. Peter Kahara Munga The 76-year-old businessman has made his fortune through Equity Group Holdings Limited, which he founded and remains chairman. Equity Group Holdings Limited is a Nairobi-based financial services holding company. The company owns Equity Bank and also operates in neighboring countries including Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. With more than 13 million customers a year and more than 10,000 employees, they are a major player in the industry in Africa. Munga is worth about $280 million. 9. Raila Odinga The 76-year-old politician and businessman is also an African Union envoy and a former Prime Minister of Kenya. He owns several companies and is worth around $250 million. One of the most notable companies in which Odinga is involved is East Africa Specter Ltd, which manufactures liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. He also owns Specter International Limited, which is a supplier of molasses, as well as being a major shareholder in the Pan African Petroleum Company, which handles the import and distribution of petroleum products in the country. 10. James Mwangi At 56, Mwangi is the youngest member on this list and is worth around $170 million. He is an accountant and businessman. His wealth comes from his work for Equity Group Holdings Limited, the company mentioned above as being founded by Peter Kahara Munga. Mwangi is the current CEO and CEO of the company, as well as being one of the largest individual shareholders with over 5%. Mwangi also has stakes in a number of other companies, as well as being the Chancellor of Meru University. He is also the chair of Kenya Vision 2030 since 2009. The program aims to transform Kenya into a “newly industrialized middle-income country”, to which every entrepreneur on this list has contributed. Follow us and like:

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